District 35

District 35 is located in the heart of the capital city, encompassing a number of city/state landmarks including the North Dakota State Capitol, Bismarck State College, Bismarck High School, the YMCA, Simle Middle School, numerous elementary schools, and the Kennedy Memorial Center, which houses our ND Dem-NPL State Party Headquarters. Residents of District 35 range anywhere from retired to first-time homeowners to growing families, and we are proud of the quiet, safe neighborhoods, small businesses and great schools that lie within our borders.

For too long, the leadership of Senator Margaret Sitte (House 2003-2005; Senate since 2011), Representative Karen Karls (House since 2007), and Representative Bob Martinson (House 1972-1997, since 2000) elected within District 35, has not reflected the common sense, hard-working, moderate people who fill it. At a time when the Republican Super-majority has sponsored and passed extreme legislation and ignored countless issues that affect average Bismarck families and residents, District 35 deserves balance in our legislature.

District 35 Dem-NPL Leadership is working hard to bring that balance by electing representatives who are just as hard-working and independent as our residents are.

  • Ondine Baird, Chair
  • Sean Schneider, Vice-Chair
  • Herb Wilson, Treasurer
  • Erin Hill-Oban, Secretary